2018 Getzen Rodeo Hard Enduro Results and Video recap

‘The event, the GetzenRodeo, consists of two parts. The first part is the “GetzenRace”, which is the two hour long main race with a maximum of 50 riders.After a break of about 90 minutes the second part takes place, it is the “GetzenChamp”, a final run consisting of five laps.Only the best 12 riders of the “GetzenRace” are qualified for the “GetzenChamp”.”
Over 12,000 Spectators from around Germany enjoyed the amazing weather (the DRIEST) Getzen has been for the event.
The “wall” was the spectator spot which had a shear cliff that was over 10 feet high that had racers launching their bikes into space all day infront of over 12,000 cheering them on, simply getting up the wall without smashing your handlebars and bike was a feat in itself.

Graham Jarvis was challenged all day by the top young guns of 2018, The German Lettenbichler got a great lead on the field and finished 1st place, well ahead of Wade Young in 11th.


Getzenrodeo 2018 ‘Champ’ race results:

  1. Mani Lettenbichler KTM
  2. Alfredo Gomez HSQ
  3. Taddy Blazusiak KTM
  4. Mario Roman SHR
  5. Graham Jarvis HSQ
  6. Eddie Karisson SHR
  7. Michele Bosi BTA
  8. Blake Gutzeit YAM
  9. Jonathan Richardson BTA
  10. Kevin Gallas HSQ

SOURCE: https://www.getzenrodeo.net/
“Manuel Lettenbichler dethrones Graham Jarvis

Best weather, 12000 spectators and with Manuel Lettenbichler a German winner were the best ingredients for a great atmosphere at the Getzenrodeo 2018.
For the first time the Getzenrodeo took place on a Sunday, but the Saturday was still used for extensive action on the new fest areal of Mogatec. Many fans were already present at the test track, which was open at certain times. The day continued with the public press conference, autograph session and the drawing of the starting places. But that wasn’t the end of it yet, because the Getzen Night got in the mood for the race day with a proper party.

The motto early coming secures the best places was important. At the Start 12 o clock saw man fans on the track. The drivers were sent by Falko Haase this time first into the “Kartoffelreibe”. A descent with a following steep ascent. There the field was already sorted and sent to the following sections. Many new passages were served to the drivers. Due to the dryness the Getzenwald was different to drive this time, which surprised many. Suddenly the stones, which are otherwise slippery, this time were good to grip. The forest floor, on the other hand, was slippery and deep.
Unimpressed, Taddy Blazusiak presented himself in top form. Only on Wednesday came the promise of the Pole, in a last minute decision and preparation he had travelled to the Erzgebirge on Saturday afternoon. With a lead of almost 7 seconds he won ahead of Manuel Lettenbichler in the Getzen Race. The two Sherco drivers Roman and Young finished third and fourth respectively. The three-time winner of the Getzenrodeo Graham Jarvis finished sixth, but it was clear to him that this was enough, because the results were only the starting grid of the Getzen Champ.
The final was driven in the other direction of the Getzen Race and therefore had a lot of difficult climbs and rock passages.”

Fotos DG Design / Denis Günther & S.B. Foto / Silvio Bronst getzenrodeo.net

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2018 Getzen hard enduro Photos 01

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