Offroad Community, Hikers, Equestrians Efforts End to Find Missing Girl in Alberta Back Country

We are sad to announce efforts from our community in Alberta to find A Missing Girl has come to an End.
Some of our crew were out at nights riding to try and locate Amy who went missing over a week ago.

We share this here as you will be  able to share it on Facebook as all major news sites have been blocked due to Liberal/ NDP and Justin Trudeau.

A Calgary woman missing since late last month has been located deceased, police say.

Fahlman had been missing more than a week and a massive grid search took place in areas along Highway 40 north of Cochrane and west of Water Valley.

Fahlman’s vehicle was found in the area last week, but there had been no trace of the woman since she told friends she was going for a scenic drive on Sept. 29.

After one last scouring — co-ordinated by Fahlman’s family and attended by nearly 100 volunteers on ATVs, dirt bikes and horses — Mounties confirm the organized effort in the area ceased after Oct. 8.


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