2018 Maze Runner XC Hard Enduro – Alberta Canada

2018 Maze Runner XC Hard Enduro – Alberta Canada

Photos: Dirtbikenews, Jeremy Caissie, Jordana Clark, Kathi Issler

225 Racers lined up for Canadas newest edition of the Hard Enduro, Organized by the Ghost Riders club of Alberta. Originally a course with a hard enduro Section that was to challenge Every “A” rider in Alberta, Promoters opted to restrict the section to the AA Tier Class only which consisted of the PROS, EXPERTS & Vet Experts, and for good reason, the Section was one of the toughest in a while.

Organizer Mitch Brown and course master thanked and reminded all who attended the event, it was 3 years in the making for this loop and almost every club in Alberta had in some way or another been part of creating this historical weekend.

While Canadas Top Pro Trystan Hart was able to conquer the lap in 1 Hour 32min with a 10 min lead, he did note it was challenging but also fun at the same time for a course in Albertas Backcountry and can’t wait for another tour in the Maze Runner.

The Pro race was one that would set the tone for the remaining round Wild Rose harescramble in Calgary Alberta. Riders Trystan Hart Jason Schrage, Kevin Dupuis, Luke Sydor, Jack Sawatzky, Kevin Pelletier & Jordan Reed Lined up for the Main event. The 45KM course with 2KM hard enduro Section would challenge the riders as they would make 2 laps in the 2.5HR Cutoff.

Stealth Graphics Edmonton
Stealth Graphics Edmonton

Unfourtnaltey at the start of the Race Sydor had a slip up on the grass track start section that had him outside of the barricade tape gaining an advantage of riders on the race start, an AMSA official ruling after protest gave him a 5 position penalty. However even with this ruling, because of the AMSA’s drop ruling of 2  per 9 rounds, it simply defaulted Sydors position for the event as a DROPPED race, keeping him just 9 points behind the current Leader Jason Schrage and 1 point ahead of 3rd places Kevin Dupuis, as we mentioned earlier, the Final round at Wild Rose will be something to watch.


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Enjoy some Photos from the event!

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2018 maze runner xc hard enduro shane sugden photos 09
The Log Jump was one of the first fun obstacles on the Regular XC Course
What happens when you do not keep the pinks beside you.
Kevin Dupuis Launching the Log jump on the first 20 KM
Trystan Hart on the Log Jump
Luke Sydor Styling his YZ250


Shane Cuthbertson Chats with AJ Prockiw about the days events, Currently Cuthbertson sits with a 1 point advantage over Prockiw, who had a finger injury just 1 day before the event.


Sheldon Pahl Makes his way through the hard Enduro Rock Garden after Easy Street.




Luke Sydor with Goggles off Chases after Trystan Hart and Jason Schrage
Kevin Dupuis Crests the top of the first rock garden of Hard Enduro
Spectators and Enthusiasts Enjoyed the view, a fire and a smokey in the wilderness, offering riders some comfort on their adventure.
AJ Prockiw Looks foward on his climb with the amazing view behind him.
Jason Schrage was all buisness in the hard enduro section, He had a bit of a disadvantage with dabbing as we do with our height..
50+ Vet Alex Bauman Opted to bump himself up to Vet Master so he could enjoy the Hard enduro Section with Friends.
Drone footage from the last check before Hard Enduro Dropped down to the 45km XC course.
Racers were allowed assistance from Spectators and Course marshals, in one form or another. Racers were not allowed to Advance on the course from this help.
Smokey? Beer? Water? JB Weld? nope we are fresh out!
Schrage pushed his way to a solid 3rd place finish.
There’s more pain that way, Nathan knox Pointed to Luke Sydor
Sydor Regroups as DBN Camera Crews stood by.
Trystan Hart showed the world why he is a top contender in the Enduro World.
Wolfgang Krah & Alex Bauman Opted to leave 50+ and go for the Vet Master class so they could challenge themselves on the Hard Enduro.
Looping out in the hard enduro has serious consequences.
Micheal Dobovich looks ahead at the 2nd rock garden.
The moment Stephen Foords leg found a bad crack in the rocks and fell over pinning him.
Jason Ribi Claimed First Place in the Expert Class with a time of 3:59.03 and 2 Laps. only 2/6 Experts would complete 2 laps.
Fellow Pro Kevin Pelltier Looks to see if Jason Schrages line is better suited.
Even Endurocross Champion Stephen Foord was Challenged to his limit.
Riders kept their distance from Course Designer Mitch Brown as he spouted the Rules of Engagement.
GRC Ghost Riders Club podium was spot on with Graphics & Print from Stealth Graphics & Ride Hard Designs
Proud Mom Charla Cuthbertson Snaps a photo of the Juniors of Chase Cuthbertson & Riley Larson. Cuthbertson holds a 10 point lead for first.
Local Shop Mountains Edge motorsports Sponsored the First Yamahas to podium.
Womens Expert Celebrated their awesome win.
This bright crew chatted about the course with Vet Master Winner Shane Cuthbertson.
Cuthbertson was the winner of the Baby Award as he discussed and then demanded Vet Masters only do 1 lap of the Hard Enduro.
Hart was happy with his performance with a solid 1 hr 32min Lap of the 45KM XC + hard enduro.
The Hard Luck Award went to a racer who sacrificed his shifter to assist Trystan Hart for his win, talk about Right place wrong time?
Official Sweeper tags of the Event from Ride Hard Designs.
Sydors Gummy was a sight for sore eyes missing almost every knob.
Pro Podium, Trystan Hart, Kevin Dupuis Jason Schrange, Sydor would face a 5 position penality for a starting mishap which had him cross the baricade tape on the beginning of the event.
Did we mention Maze Runner had a night race?
Night Race A Class Winners.
Naste Crew fixes some lighting issues.
Pro Pit treatment for Kaleb Routley in Kids Intermediate.
The web Show with Kevin Dupuis
The girls were spot on with their pit and gas times showing the boys how it was done.
Dont miss this dead check just before Easy Street.
The blowdown was so intense before the event crews spent 4 days just recutting trails from years prior.
Tab sydor assisted in the hard enduro section friday, however was brought down by a clutch cover failure.
the XC loop riders did not have a chance of missing this Dead Check!


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