2018 Red Bull Rocks and Logs Course Preview

Red Bull Has released the new layout for the 2018 Rocks and Logs Urban Endurocross!
It will again be held at the Wild Rose MX Park in the Heart of Calgary Alberta with its beautiful backdrop of the Calgary Tower and city in Alberta Canada.

Check out updated info of the event on https://www.redbull.com/ca-en/events/rocks-and-logs-2018


$10,000 PRO PURSE

Rocks & Logs is a head-to-head, knock-out format where 264 riders will take to the track divided into 10 new classes. A newly redesigned custom track built by pro rider Shane Cuthbertson brings challenging and technical design elements from Enduros and Harescrambles across the globe, to the heart of Calgary. There will be Pro & Amateur lanes, new features and race format that are sure to test the skills of riders as they race to complete their laps and geta spot in the finals.

rocks and logs 2018 course preview Calgary Alberta




FRIDAY June 22

5pm – 9pm: Participant Registration

5pm – 11pm: Participant Camping Open


7am–8am: Participant Registration

8am–10am: Practice (all classes except Pro)

10am-5pm: Racing (all classes except Pro)


*Spectator Gate Fee $5/person (12 & under Free)

SUNDAY June 24

10:30am-11:30am: Practice (includes select Amateur Classes)

12pm-4pm: Racing (includes select Amateur Class Finals, Pit Bike and Holeshot Exhibition)

4pm: Awards

Prize Purse Breakdown is as follows:

• Pro: $10,000.00 (Top 12)
• Expert: $1,000.00 (Top 3)
• Ladies: $500 (Top 3)

• Amateur: Prize Package – $500.00 value (Top 3)


• Minimum Age for all classes is 16 years old
• Multiple Class entries – Racers are eligible to register for any class in which they meet the below requirements.


•Competed as a ‘Pro’ in past Red Bull Rocks and Logs events
•Competed as a ‘Pro’ in AMA/X-games/Super Endurocross events
•Competed as a ‘Pro’ in National, Provincial, or State MX/Off-Road events


•Any racer with an advanced skill level
•Pro racers are not eligible if they have previously qualified for AMA or Super Endurocross main events.


• Any racer that does not fit the description of ‘Beginner’
• Expert racers are not eligible


• Beginner/Junior/Novice classification in MX/Off-Road
• Intermediate racers are not eligible


• Classification may be split (expert/beginner) dependant on the number of pre-entries

Vet Expert:

• Minimum 30 years of age on date of event
• Veteran aged racers that have competed in Pro/Expert/Intermediate

Vet Intermediate:

• Minimum 30 years of age on date of event
• Veteran aged racers that do not fit description of ‘Beginner’
• Vet Expert racers are not eligible

Vet Beginner:

• Minimum 30 years of age on date of event
• Veteran aged racers – Beginner/Junior/Novice classification in MX/Off-Road
• Vet Intermediate racers are not eligible


• Minimum 40 years of age on date of event
• Vet Expert racers are not eligible

Under 30:

• 16-29 years of age on date of event
• Beginner/Junior/Novice classification in MX/Off-Road

Pit Bike (Exhibition Event):

• Minimum 16 years of age on date of event
• Mostly stock bikes with a 12 inch rear wheel. Examples include: KLX110, DRZ110, CRF110, CRF70, SSR125, Pitster Pro MX110, Etc.

Holeshot Competition (Exhibition Event):

• Minimum 16 years of age on date of event
• Any class / Any bike
• Head to Head elimination format

Sunday June 24, 2018 only.


• Motorcycles must be technically sound and in good working order. There are no motorcycle and/or equipment restrictions. As this is closed course event, no special equipment (lights, registration, spark arrestors, etc.) are required. However, any rider with a motorcycle found to be in disrepair will be requested to correct or may be disqualified at the discretion of Head Referee.

• Sound testing will not be implemented. However, any rider competing on an overly obnoxious motorcycle will be requested to correct or may be disqualified at the discretion of Head Referee.

• The same motorcycle must be used for each heat and the main event.

• Number plate decals will be provided to each participant at Sign-In. These must be prominently displayed on the Front Number plate and each Side Plate. All decal sponsors must be displayed.

• Official scoring will be performed by Mylaps MX Transponders. Transponder rental is available at sign-in, where a credit card deposit of $400 will be taken. If the transponder is not returned at completion of event, then this amount will be charged.

• Riders already with their own Mylaps MX Transponder must bring to sign-in and provide the transponder number.

• Riders will need 2 zip-ties to install the transponder holding bracket. The transponder is installed onto the fork (it doesn’t matter left or right) behind the front number plate.


• Any rider found to cut course will be docked position or disqualified at the discretion of Head Referee.

• Riders unable to complete an obstacle may receive assistance at the discretion of Track Crew only. This will only be implemented to assure progress of race and clear bottlenecks.

• Riders existing course for any reason, must not gain a position upon re-entry. Head Referee will have the discretion to dock position or disqualify participant.

• Outside assistance is strictly prohibited. Any participant accepting assistance from anyone other than track crew or fellow competitors will be disqualified at discretion of Head Referee.

• Advancement and positioning will be posted at the event paddock within 30 minutes of heat completion.

• Protests must be made at the event paddock within 30 minutes of result posting.

• No riding through Vendor area – Please PUSH bikes.

• 1st Gear in pits and Helmets are mandatory while in motion.

• Have fun and good luck! Be safe and use common racing sense (so we don’t have to be the bad guys enforcing these rules or making new ones!)

Results will be printed and posted at the event paddock after each moto. They will also be uploaded onto the Mylaps website for instant viewing online: http://mylaps.com/en/events/chronometrage-lap-timing/234242


Hotel Blackfoot 

403.252.2253 (Guests can call in and refer to the number, to book their room)

Room Rate: $122/night (based on double occupancy)

Booking ID 17138

Clarion Hotel

Option 1:

$89 – DBL/DBL Guestroom

Booking code: LMOTO


Option 2:

$99 – DBL/DBL Guestroom With breakfast

Booking code: LMOTOB

Days Inn

$99 – DBL/DBL

Booking code: LKWR


5608 Burbank Crescent SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1Z6

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