Red Bull Rocks and Logs Endurocross Photo Gallery

What an epic Weekend in Calgary, Alberta Canada for Another Round of the 2018 Red Bull Rocks and Logs Endurocross Challenge! This was almost a repeat of the first year of the Urban Enduro Event when monsoon rains came in and flooded the track the day prior to the event.

Non-stop rain pounded Calgary for over 4 hours straight Friday saturating the track to impossible conditions to ride or even walk on the course. Saturday had to be scrapped with Sunday set with a condensed race schedule.

Pumps were brought in to help keep on top of the water situation. It was amazing the difference from Saturday’s monsoon to the 30c Heat on Sunday, which made the track transform after every single Moto and even showing dust midway through the day.

Rocks and Logs Creator Shane Cuthbertson and his crew did an outstanding job, Saturday had to be a modified schedule and the racers made sure the time set was followed, amazingly the day was 1 hour ahead of schedule with the condensed racing. Even Endurocross Creator Eric Peronnard who now consults with Alta Motors was at the event checking things out.

Videos are starting to come out and we can’t wait for 2019s event! Check out Photos below of the weekend of Endurocross!

VIEW RESULTS HERE To see who won!

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