2019 KIRK Harescramble Photos – The race you won’t finish

2019 KIRK Harescramble Photos, Results, Helmet Cam

2019 KIRK Harescramble Photos Provided by – BRAPSNAP.com
UPDATED: April.5.2019

A race that was not able to run in 2018, the KIRK harescramble, actually a hard enduro, was something that dreams are made of for any Enduro Rider out there. The terrain, hills, climbs, singletrack, rock faces & massive obstacles really pushed EVERY race to the max and wished you were done, but like Stockholm Syndrome, you wished you were back on the trail as soon as you got back to your truck.


Only 11 People Finished the Kirk

The Promotor, Kitt Stringer, was fairly open about how the course would be, and that many people would not like the terrain, and should not show up. However, over 170 Racers from Across Western Canada and a few from the United States got on a ferry to attend one of Canada’s Hardest Races to date.

Trystan Hart, the Canadian international star who is starting to be consitantly on the top 5 and podiums for Endurocross and many other Hard Enduro Events happening in North America was able to dominate the entire field with 15 Min 39 Second Lead (yes we checked Trystan it was not 16min). 

Fellow Racers were no slouches for talent, 2nd Kevin Dupuis was 15min behind Hart, 3rd Jonathan Seabrook 20:37 Behind Leader and Just under 5 Min back from Dupuis. Josh Bridge slotted 4th while the #1 Plate of Quinn McCullough ended up with a 5th place at 45min behind the leader.


2019 The Kirk Harescramble Helmet Cam
2019 The Kirk Harescramble Helmet Cam

The Promoters were fairly adamant at making it clear, 1 Lap was not enough for a finish – You had to Complete 2 FULL LAPS (1 lap was actually a warmup loop followed by your main loop) Otherwise your trophy would be hacked apart in front of everyone at the podium showing the disgrace of a rider you truly were.

Only 11 People were considered finishers at the Kirk Harescramble on March.31st, 2019.
By completing two FULL laps in the cutoff time of 2.5HR and doing the Two Hill Loops, you were granted worthy.


The VIHSS follow a unique timeout ruling not really seen anywhere else, it’s the same as BC’s PNWMA, a bit weird but kind of makes sense, maybe. You have to race for 2.5 Hrs. And cross the finish line AFTER your cutoff 2hrs or 2.5hrs. Otherwise, you have to keep going until you come back after the checker is flying,  or receive a DNF, No ifs or buts.

SO, as an example, if you are 45min ahead of 2nd place, cross the finish line, go for a 2nd lap, and end up breaking down on your lap, break a leg, cannot continue the race, and the place behind you actually finishes but say 3 hours after you were at the finish line, even though your lap was WAY ahead of them, You will still receive a DNF.

It is basically rolling the dice on racing.

You could wait it out at the marked timeout area & Clock waiting for the clock to strike, or test your luck, machine and strength to finish the race you were meant to ride. Who wants to be seen Siting at the timeout area like the pansy you are right? Make sure you know this rule when racing VIHSS or PNWMA!!


Below are the only true finishers of the KIRK with 2 FULL LAPS including the warmup loop.

Masters – Cumulative Race Times by Place
Place Rider# Rider Name Brand Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3
1 184 Trystan Hart KTM 0:33:52 (1) 1:29:22 (1) 2:30:34 (1)
2 122 Kevin Dupuis HUS 0:37:34 (2) 1:40:28 (2) 2:46:13 (2)
3 101 Jonathan Seabrook KTM 0:37:35 (3) 1:40:33 (3) 2:51:11 (3)
4 187 Josh Bridge HUS 0:40:35 (5) 1:54:01 (4) 3:06:11 (4)
5 115 Quinn McCullough HUS 0:40:03 (4) 1:57:28 (5) 3:16:28 (5)
6 103 John Stevenson KTM 0:44:51 (8) 2:01:14 (6) 3:45:07 (6)
7 114 Kevin Pelletier YAM 0:43:48 (6) 2:15:19 (8) 3:54:31 (7)
8 197 Travis Howell KTM 0:44:34 (7) 2:09:45 (7) 4:09:40 (8)\


Veteran Expert – Cumulative Race Times by Place
Place Rider# Rider Name Brand Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3
1 300 Eric Neilson KTM 0:48:48 (1) 2:16:21 (1) 3:49:25 (1)
Expert – Cumulative Race Times by Place
Place Rider# Rider Name Brand Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3
1 266 Trevan Salmon KTM 0:50:28 (2) 2:18:02 (1) 4:07:52 (1)


VMC trophy – Cumulative Race Times by Place
Place Rider# Rider Name Brand Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3
1 1202 Will Duggan GG 0:45:45 (1) 1:52:50 (1) 3:08:00 (1)


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Now, watch this video, and share it widely. Kitt Stringer Was a squid just like you.

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