500cc 2-stroke participating in 2020 Dutch Masters of MX

500cc 2-stroke competing in the Dutch Masters of MX 500cc class

A 500cc 2-stroke in the Dutch Masters? Herlings, Paulin, Coldenhoff versus a 2001 Honda 2-stroke? Are you serious? Who is that madman?

Dutch rider Jan Spliethof is this crazy person. Spliethof will be competing in the MXGP class of the 2020 Dutch Masters riding a Honda 500cc 2-stroke. He will be filmed during the entire season by the MX Co-Creators media crew.

Jan Spliethof is a 20 year old rider from the Netherlands, who previously raced the 250cc Dutch Masters and races in the EMX 2T championship. He is known for his great style, a pleasure to watch. “Everyone is taking riding to seriously these days… people should have more fun riding!” says Spliethof.

An injury filled 2019 season made Jan realise that he wanted to return with another mindset. Being intrigued by the raw power of a 500cc 2-stroke, he decided to buy a 500ccc to ride ‘just for fun’ at local tracks. However, after a couple of training sessions it dawned to him that the KNMV allows engines up to 500cc in the MXGP class of the DMoMX.


As a result, plans quickly changed and Spliethof decided to ride the DMoMX with a 500cc 2-stroke. “The thought of riding this beast in a field full of GP stars is challenging and fun at the same time!”, according to Spliethof. Goals for the season are to qualify for the DMoMX, stay injury free and most of all: enjoy it. The first race will be at Harfsen on the 29th of March if the Corona situation allows it, while the season will include riding at the Zwarte Cross in front of 200.000 visitors.

All this can be followed online, during the whole season. Jan will be filmed by the MX Co-Creators media crew. The first video has been shot during a training camp in Italy and can be seen here:


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