Alberta Endurance Ice Racing changes sanction

Now with Pembina Dirt Riders

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Years prior the Endurance ice racing scene in Alberta was run under the now-defunct CMRC Sanctioning (now Jetwerx’s MRC company).

Now is the tides changing and CMRC no more, Local clubs who were previously CMRC are forced to find their own insurers for racing, however difficult and time-consuming,  it can be done.

Pembina Dirt Riders will now be run as an in-house Sanction and only require a $20.00 CDN license to race.
Shorter 4-6 HR races will require a fee of $80 and the 24hr famous Numb Bum is $200, Whether that is per team or rider we do not know (but we can find it out for you)

Pembina Dirt Riders Association  Posted this on their FACEBOOK PAGE. 

ATTENTION RACERS: Racing begins in just over 2 weeks and we look forward to seeing everyone and starting our 3 race series on February 4th.

LICENSING: You will NOT be required to hold a CMRC license as we are now a self-sanctioned club. A nominal fee of $20 for a PDRA license will apply and will only be available at the event.

ICE: Preparations have begun and ice thickness is not an issue. We would like to see a little bit more snow for ease of creating a track and snowbanks but we are prepared for anything.

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