Bad Medicine Hard Enduro at Fallen Timbers Saturday Sherco Recap

Bad Medicine Hard Enduro Fallen Timber Recap & Results
July. 19.2020

SOURCE – Sherco AMA East Extreme Championship

2020 Bad Medicine at Fallen Timbers Results


1. Cody Webb (SHR)
2. Trystan Hart (KTM)
3. Colton Haaker (HSQ)
4. Max Gerston (BTA)
5. Nick Fahringer (SHR)
6. Ryder LeBlond (KTM)
7. Benjamin Herrera (BTA)
8. Ron Commo III (BTA)
9. Logan Bolopue (KTM)
10. Colton Weaver (HSQ)


1. Louise Forsley SHR
2. Rachel Gutish BTA



Quinn Wentezel goes wide in the dust and eats the dirt hard!

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Bad medicine update: Lots of thoughts about what happened here, but I’ll do a Video update soon. Bottom line is this start was dangerous, especially with the really dusty conditions. I’m okay, I have a really banged up hip and ankle. Had a hard hit to the head and cracked my helmet but don’t have a concussion. It wasn’t any of the riders fault. It was poor track set up. There was a small ditch that you can’t see because of dust and thats how I fell. Then jumped up to get out of the way but there was just too much dust and a lot more riders behind me. This could have been prevented. This ditch took out multiple riders throughout the weekend. But I got the worst of it. And by the way it’s extreme enduro not GNCC or sprint enduro. @ama_racing @sherco_ama_east_extreme @erekkudla Let’s make the changes so accidents this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for every one that checked on me and helped me out.

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