Canadian Western Offroad Championship Partnership Announced -WOC- AMSA -PNWMA

Introducing The WOC – The Canadian Western Offroad Championship
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This premier championship series is a joint effort between Alberta and BC racing associations to showcase our world class talent in Western Canada.
This season will be 6 Races, and kicks off with The Big Kahuna in Kamloops on Easter Long Weekend April 16/17th 2022
There are 3 races in each province.
The best 4 races will count for championship points.
Alberta and BC will be honoring the race license of each other’s series for the WOC.
Alberta Racers registering in the Big Kahuna:
1. Choose your equivalent class from below images.
2. Register online in the BC race series. Do not pay for a license, your AB license is honoured for the BC Series. Go here to register and choose “mail in” instead of payment:
3. Sign the PNWMA waiver online here:
4. Pre-enter for the Big Kahuna here:
Happy Racing!!





Hard Enduro Racing in Western Canada.
VIHSS Is hosting 3 DEDICATED Hard Enduro Events with

Maze Runner XC Back for 2022 on AUG.20th the weekend BEFORE outliers 

Classes for Hard Enduro Events feature Such as, but may change – GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, VET, IRON, ATOM

Race 2022 Race Date Location Points Series Sign up
The Suffering Sept 18 Shawnigan LakeBC VI Hard Enduro not yet available
Tearzberg Oct 8-9 Tansky, BC VI Hard Enduro not yet available
Monster Mash Oct 29-30 Cook Creek, BC VI Hard Enduro not yet available
MAZE RUNNER AUG 20 Sundre, AB STAND ALONE not yet available
OUTLIERS AUG.27 Steveville, AB FIM not yet available



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