Canadian Womens Nationals announces new organizers for 2016

Canadian Women’s Motocross Nationals

For the last few years many of us got to hear a lot about Denaye and Camille for doing such an amazing job running our series and getting it to where it is today. They worked tirelessly getting us the sponsors and support we needed to be respected and to make it a series that all young girls one day wanted to race. Unfortunately, at our final round in Calgary last year, they announced that they would be stepping down from running the series and working more towards building their own personal lives. Of course we all understand and respect their choice. Luckily, we had 2 willing people next in line to take that weight off of their shoulders and take on the challenge of building off of the success Denaye and Camille created. I’m sure many of you have already heard the names as they have been in the background helping the last few years, so here is a little bit about our new west organizers, Sierra Roth and Kristi Moore.

Kristi, Denaye and Camille & Seirra
Kristi, Denaye and Camille & Seirra, CDNWMX Organizers

Sierra Roth

Age: 19

Lives in: Tofield, AB…. near Edmonton

How you got started in moto: Family friends got my brother into it when he was 3 and he immediately fell in love with it. I was the jealous older sister (I was 9 then) that just wanted to try, little did I know once you start, it’s in your blood.

Why you wanted to take over the series: In 2011, I was part of the meeting that Denaye and Camille were at, where we got the news about how we wouldn’t have a series anymore. I remember how devastated we all were and knew we would be lucky to get another shot at it. These last few years Camille and Denaye have poured their hearts into this sport and when I had my motocross accident, they were so supportive and had me involved with the series. Even though it meant I was on the sidelines, they have always made me feel included as a past racer of the series. The least I can do for them and this sport, is continue it. After everything we have all been through, I would hate to see it all go to waste.

Your plans for this year: Have the best and most memorable summer with the series, racing, my family, and my friends, before I begin University next fall at the University of Alberta.

What you want to see from the series: I hope to see the women’s series become bigger and better. It is in the talks right now, but being able to get an official east/west shootout would be really cool to see. For this year though, I am just hoping to see full gates at all four rounds with some of our top western girls and a bunch of smiles at the end of the day. That’s what makes this all worth it, that is always the end goal.

Ending note: I am excited for the 2016 women’s series, as should all the girls. We have so much in store for it and I cannot wait to see it all come together! See you all at the races!

Kristi directs Madi Watts father at Nationals

Kristi Moore
Age: 25
Lives in: Calgary, AB


How you got started in moto: Just before I turned 18 years old my dad got the family dirtbikes for trail riding because we always went camping. It’s funny because I despised riding in the forest. I almost quit but then a friend at the time showed me this little sand track in Elko, BC. I loved it!!! Then the next weekend I went to Wild Rose and raced my little cr150 and that winter I got my yz250f and the rest was all moto.

Why you wanted to help take over the series: Well, I love everything about dirt biking. I can remember my first time racing in the Ladies class in Calgary. I was so blown away at how talented those girls were. It gave me something to work towards. When I first saw the women’s national series was taken off the Pro day and basically put to the side I could not believe it.  That’s when I knew I wanted to do something. I was not sure what I could do to help at the time but as few years went on I found out how I could help etc.  I just keep thinking, if there was no ladies class or women’s nationals would I have even tried racing motocross? Would have I tried to train and race? I’m not sure. But I am very thankful there was a place for me to ride and race.

Canada needs a WMX series, and some dedicated moto chicks to keep it going.

Your plans for this year: To be there to help out and support as much as I can and to learn everything to make each year even better! And hopefully not tick off to many people on my lack of organizing skills haha.

What you want to see from the series: This year to see the numbers grow from last year, and ultimately for a series to be on its own would be amazing!

Ending note: We have such amazing talent in the West and the East. I do not know everything about organizing a series like this, but I have stupid work ethic and passion for motocross and dirt bikes like no other and I will not give up on this series or any of you. You can count on me to be at the races no matter what, rain or shine, or like last year with a broken back (haha). I will be running around to help out as much as I can to make sure each girl and woman has a stage to show everyone how awesome you moto chicks are!  Braaappp

Can’t wait to see everyone at the races!!!

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