Canadians Battle weather to Ice Race in -45c Polar Vortex in Northern Alberta

Winter Ice racing in Full Swing in Alberta! VIEW RESULTS Wapiti Off-Road Association
Dirt Bike Ice Racing is past time of Canadian Off-Road Enthusiasts

Due to the extreme cold, only 9 Bikes and 4 quads showed up on race day.

It hit -48°C overnight Sat in Grand Prairie was a real struggle to get heaters, generators and machines up and running for the race on Sunday morning.  It did warm up to -40 for race time through.  And there was no wind.  The flat light, ice fog and zero wind made for poor visibility on the track but there were no crashes, only numerous counts of frosty bits after the first race.

The sun came out by noon and it actually warmed up to -35 for a couple hours before settling back to -40, but sunny for the remainder of the day.

Wapiti Off-Road Association followed all health regulations and restrictions for the event, despite the extreme cold and Conditions! Many racers were bundled inside their respective race trailers with full -50C Race gear just trying to stay warm!

Interested in the Racing or Winter Sport? Get in Touch with the WAPITI or Canadian Ice Racers Facebook page! There are always tonnes of spare 2 way tires kicking around to get you started on the cheap!


Due to extreme temps and Windchill’s into the Low -50s, Camera Equipment, Go pros and more were starting to just not function at all and Batteries would be dead in minuets. Watch footage from the 2020 Jan19 Event below.

Feb.2021 2 Way Wapiti Results

Bike Pro

1-     Clayton Dyer
2-     Jessie Dyer
3-     Trevor Pimm

Bike Intermediate

1-     Doug Haycock
2-     Charlie Dyer

Quad Open

1-     Taren Krisher
2-     Larry Prince
3-     Jeff Pederson

Series Results are here:


Canadian Ice Racers Facebook Page

Check out Pix Below from the Feb 2021 Event and Prior Events!

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