Canadians Invade Texas Hard Enduro

2018 RevLimiter Extreme Enduro is here!
2018 Texas Rev Limiter RESULTS
Canadians Shelby Turner & David Chambers with their crew of yahoos are down in North Central Texas at Rocky Ridge Ranch near Decatur, Texas.

This race is an extreme Enduro Style event and will prove to test some of North Americas top Riders.

David Chambers is 50+ Vet rider and has a crew from British Columbia to invade the Texans.

Shelby Turner, NOT taking a break from winning the 2017 Endurocross Womens Championship, Canadian Womens MX Championship AND 2016 Redbull Rocks and Logs Womens Champ is back to the grind in the gnarlier racing of Extreme Enduro, You know the BEST kind.

Just like Blain in the Movie Predator(the guy who said I ain’t got time to bleed), Shelby Doesn’t have time to rest apparently.

Best of luck to the BC & Alberta crew invading Texas, We can’t

wait to see the pix and videos from the journey. Looks like it will be a rock fest!

We will add photos and videos in comments when we get them!

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