Cory Graffunder Crowned Winner at Inaugural 2013 Red Bull Rocks and Logs Endurocross

Pro Category Results:

1st Place: Cory Graffunder, (Clearwater, BC)
2nd Place: Bobby Prochnau (Savona, BC)
3rd Place: Ben Rego (Kitimat, BC)
4th Place: Malcolm Hett (Cherryville, BC)
5th Place: Shane Cuthbertson (Airdrie, AB)
6th Place: Tyler Murray (Whistler, BC)

Amateur Category Results:

1st Place: Wyatt Hart (Invermere, BC)
2nd Place: Trystan Hart (Invermere, BC)
3rd Place: Ben Riviere (Pincher Creek, AB)
4th Place: Ryan Gadd (Moosejaw, SK)
5th Place: Tyler Geigner (Castlebar, BC)
6th Place: AJ Prockin (Fort Saskatchewan, AB)


— From Red Bull


Corey Graffunder winnning Pro Class


Canadian Cory Grafunder Claims the win at the Inaugural Red Bull Rocks and Logs Urban Endurocross in
Calgary Alberta at the Wild Rose Motocross Track!

The event was slated to be on Saturday May25th however with monsoon rains did a bit more than water and actually had obstacles flooding which required massive efforts and pumps with countless volunteers to de-flood the course to somewhat try the course out for an attempt to re-run the event on Sunday.


PHOTO: dirt hammers richard hughes

Weather conditions were perfect on the backup race day of Sunday May 26th and allowed for hundreds of racers from across Canada to try their hand at the European style of racing Endurocross. The Style is mainly seen in Hard enduros such as Red Bull Romaniacs and is a spectator favorite due to the techincality and endless crashes and wipeouts that are seen all day, truly the best bang for your buck.

112 Riders signed up in the Amateur Category for four laps in qualifing and a 6 lap main event to determine who is the best at endurocross for the beginner/junior category.

Pros brought out 24 Racers from across Canada to battle it out in a 4 lap qualifer and 8 Lap Main. Laps took about 2min 30 seconds on a clean run however as riders started having laydowns the ideal lines were taken and racers had to improvise and take paths that were less than ideal.


The Top 6 Winners in each category shared a prize purse of $8,550 Canadian Dollars. Or about $9,000 USD.

Spectators Lined the Infield to watch the free Event with Food Donation and experience the one of a kind sport which is sort of a Death race type Motocross sport. Riders unexpectedly did hit and run over each other in an attempt to finish the race without being lapped. Rubbing is Racing After all!

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