CXCC-W Big Kahuna Harescramble Results

Big Kahuna Harescramble Results – Kamloops, BC, CXCC WEST/PNWMA

SRT’s Trystan Hart dominates the Master/Pro Class at the 2018 Big Kahuna CXCC-W Round 1 with a massive 10 minute lead over the entire field and almost lapping 2nd place while maintaining blazing 13 minute lap times.

The track was a mixture of Endurocross, Motocross, grass track & woods, Hart kept a consistent pace throughout the 2.5 hour Offroad event, however, in the last 3 laps he actually slowed by 26 seconds. But with a gap of 10 minutes from 2nd place, Hart could take his time to a solid Pro Class win at the first CXCC-West Round 1.
Truly a rider in his own caliber.

Trystan Hart dominated ROUND1 of the CXCC West

Women’s Expert saw top caliber racers of Shelby Turner, Chantelle Bykerk, Melissa Harten, Jannie Devin-Lamontagne, Suzanne Pelletier & Kristen Broderick. 

Turner, 2017 AMA Women’s Endurocross Women’s Champion & Canadian Women’s Motocross Champion, was no stranger to the Kamloops Motocross track as she has raced Women’s Nationals in prior years with great success and knowledge of the tracks hidden secrets and surprises, Turner’s consistent speed gained her a 9 minute lead over 2nd place and the equally talented Chantelle Bykerk (2nd) & Melissa Harten(3rd).
Harten missed the cutoff by only 2 minutes of the 2HR time limit for the Women’s Expert class taking away the chance to chase Bykerk on the final lap.


Shelby Turner’s Racing Experience shined at the CXCC West Round.

The race was both grueling due to its intensity of no rest throughout the entire course and highspeed sections of over 100km/h (Trystan Hart reported he hit 120km/h on some sections). Lappers played a huge role in being successful in the event, you could reach an impasse at any point at the endurocross track and either make friends or enemies while trying to gain positions, as they say, there is no waiting in a race.



MASTERS:/PRO 1. Trystan Hart, BC (HSQ); 2. Spenser Wilton, AB (KTM); 3. Kevin Dupuis, AB (HSQ); 4. Joshua Bridge (HSQ); 5. Luke Sydor (YAM);

EXPERT: 1. Owen Mckill (HSQ); 2. Kurt Mortensen (KTM); 3. Gilles Corbeil (KTM); 4. Ian Mckill (HSQ); 5. Steve Gerig (YAM);

VET EXP: 1. Sean Krahn (HON); 2. Stephen Foord (BTA); 3. Darryl Wright (KTM); 4. Mike Guns (YAM); 5. Steve Geary (KTM);

WOMEN EXP: 1. Shelby Turner (KTM); 2. Chantelle Bykerk (KTM); 3. Melissa Harten (BET); 4. Jannie Devin-Lamontagne (HSQ); 5. Suzanne Pelletier (KTM);

SENIOR EXP: 1. Rodney Katchen (HSQ); 2. Kevin Arthur (); 3. Shane Lowry (KTM); 4. Shaun Ritchey (KTM); 5. Terry Ingram (KTM);

INTERMEDIATE: 1. Ryan Severs (YAM); 2. Jason Hamborg (YAM); 3. Cole Wilton (KTM); 4. Nathan Leatherdale (HSQ); 5. Matthew Gardner (HSQ);

SUPER SENIOR: 1. Mike Schmidt (KTM); 2. Scott Gillies (KTM); 3. Tony Allen (HSQ); 4. Glen Labby1 (KTM); 5. Mike Thibault (KTM);

LEGENDS: 1. Terry Bainbridge (KTM); 2. Chris Castles (KAW); 3. Errol Borsky (KTM); 4. Larry Binning (HSQ); 5. Denys Jones (HSQ);

VET AM: 1. Jeremy Whata (KTM); 2. David Balzer (HSQ); 3. Daryl Katchen (HSQ); 4. James Balzer (); 5. Kyle Heppner (BTA);

SENIOR AM: 1. Christoper Paquette (KAW); 2. Rich Carlson (KTM); 3. Scott Braithwaite (BRG); 4. Owen Wood (KTM); 5. Dave Klassen (HSQ);

JR 15 OVER: 1. Travis Koprowsky (YAM); 2. Jacob Walker (KTM); 3. Jordan Rice (KTM); 4. Garrett Casano (KTM); 5. Darin Marr (KAW);

WOM AM: 1. Shelley Shaman (KTM); 2. Brandy Reimer (KTM); 3. Laura Katchen (HSQ); 4. Christine Kuznak (KTM); 5. Catherine Schmid (KTM);

JR 15 UNDER: 1. Asher Sproule (KTM); 2. Cole Allan (YAM); 3. Jake Morton (KTM); 4. Logan Howatt (YAM); 5. Seth Cattermole (KAW);

30A AMSA: 1. Tom Bodrovics (HSQ); 2. Colin Husted (YAM);


OVERALL A LONG: 1. Trystan Hart (HSQ); 2. Spenser Wilton (KTM); 3. Kevin Dupuis (HSQ); 4. Joshua Bridge (HSQ); 5. Luke Sydor (YAM); 6. Blake Watkinson (HSQ); 7. Owen Mckill (HUS); 8. Dustin Labby (BTA); 9. Kurt Mortensen (KTM); 10. Kevin Dyck (KTM); 11. David Butler (KTM); 12. Kevin Pelletier (YAM); 13. Daniel Scott (); 14. Gilles Corbeil (KTM); 15. Sean Krahn (HON); 16. Ian Mckill (HSQ); 17. Steve Gerig (YAM); 18. Ace Penner (YAM); 19. Ryan Severs (YAM); 20. Bradon Adolph (HSQ);

OVERALL A SHORT: 1. Shelby Turner (KTM); 2. Rodney Katchen (HSQ); 3. Kevin Arthur (); 4. Shane Lowry (KTM); 5. Shaun Ritchey (KTM); 6. Terry Ingram (KTM); 7. Chantelle Bykerk (KTM); 8. Alan Brand (KTM); 9. Jason Mccoll (KTM); 10. Melissa Harten (BTA); 11. Kent Antoniak (YAM); 12. Rob Pafford (KTM); 13. Sean Hollis (HSQ); 14. Tab Sydor (KTM); 15. Andy Marr (KTM); 16. Tyler Beecher (KTM); 17. Stephen Malacko (YAM); 18. Marcus Kottkamp (KTM); 19. Jannie Devin-Lamontagne (HUS); 20. Clay Walker (HUS);

OVERALL B: 1. Mike Schmidt (KTM); 2. Scott Gillies (KTM); 3. Tony Allen (HSQ); 4. Glen Labby1 (KTM); 5. Mike Thibault (KTM); 6. Art Wosminity (YAM); 7. Ken Dyck (KTM); 8. Jeremy Whata (KTM); 9. David Balzer (HSQ); 10. Elmer Niezen (YAM); 11. David Sheridan (KTM); 12. Daryl Katchen (HSQ); 13. James Balzer (); 14. Kyle Heppner (BTA); 15. Trevor Turner (KTM); 16. Ryan Vella (KTM); 17. Travis Koprowsky (YAM); 18. Mike Horsfield (KTM); 19. Jacob Walker (KTM); 20. Tom Jorgensen ();

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