Graham Jarvis Training School In Canada

WAYYYYY back in 2011 Was the XTINCTION,
Run by the Corner Grass race Team, Top Competitors from Across the Globe Shows with riders such as Graham Jarvis, Kyle Redmond, Mike Brown

After the Mayhem of the Hard Enduro was the Graham Jarvis Riding School which brought veteran and novice riders side by side with the Silent Assasian Himself, Graham Jarvis to show them the ropes on how to ride Hard Enduro.

2011 Xtinction Results

1 – Graham Jarvis

2 – Mike Brown

3 – Kyle Redmond

4 – Nick Fahringer

5 – Bobby Prochnau

6 – Nelson

7 – Cuthbertson

8 – Bolso

9 – Cerny

10 – Sawatsky

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