Guaranteed MX – The Flood – #CMAGOAWAY

Guaranteed MX – The Flood – #CMAGOAWAY
Colton Facciotti Stands by Former Manager Kourtney Lloyd He will NOT support the Canadian MXON as stated on his Instagram.

“A few months ago, a new President was named at the top of the FIM. He replaced the very corrupt leader prior and this new President Jorge Vegas has shaken stuff up. Now, the FIM does squat for our country, absolutely squat. Much like the US, they are not needed for us to go racing. Mark Stallybrass proved that for 30 years. Jetwerx is now doing the same thing. The amount of poison that CMA has injected into Canadian MX – rivals’ people that serve life sentences in prison for their acts.”


The CMA has to go away for good. The “Woman” who runs it (she doesn’t deserve a name) is a human that deserves nothing for her acts towards Canadian moto, and the time for change is now.


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