Guaranteedmx presents the top 5 Alberta born Racers of all time

Guaranteed MX has a great write-up on the history of some of the best legends in motocross racing from Alberta.
#5 Robin Dohlman – #4 Zoli Berenyi Jr – #3 Stan Currington #2 Zoli Berenyi Sr – #1 Ross Pederson

Read it Here About the Top 5 of all Time Alberta MX Racers –

Team shrinkage in the pits at the 2015 Numb Bum Ice Race Photo: Jeremy Caissie

Riders such as Robin Dohlman who started racing on a 1982 CR480, and now races KX500s on frozen lakes in northern Alberta for 24 Hour endurance events with the Pembina Dirt Riders Association

Check out this gallery covering the 25th annual 24hr Numb Bum Ice race in Alberta Canada, truly a unique experience on a motorcycle.

Stan Currington Canadian MX Champion who raced Can Ams in the 1970s and 80s. Check out this throwback article from Lawrence Hacking that was in the Summer edition of MX & Offroad in 2016. Check out alot more cool vintage stuff at the Articles. has some neat articles and history on MX




Zoli Berenyi Sr. and the old boys talk about whatever the old boys talk about at the track! Photo : John Denniston

Read this Amazing article on Zoli Berenyi Sr. who comes from Hungary and brought his love of motorcycles with him to our great lands. Which was actually how he and many others got around the European countries by means of Motorcycle as their main transportation. His first race was at the age of 25 in 1959, which is close to retirement for many MX racers these days, on a 1959 Royal Enfeild. He was still racing the Experts class until the ripe old age of 50 years old. Pretty damn impressive even by today’s standards.

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