Hellbilly Ranch- Dirt bike dreams becoming reality

Freeride Rodeo

Hellbilly Ranch FMX- Dirt bike dreams becoming reality: Freeride Rodeo
By Jordana Clark
Photos Credit: Ashleigh Kaliszuk

Dirt bike dreams becoming reality FMX - Alberta Coupound -
Hellbilly Ranch

Deep within the plains of Alberta, just outside its capital city lies an oasis of rolling step ups, speed and style course, motocross track and steel ramps to your heart’s desire. All built on a dream and turned into one of the coolest FMX events a fan could ever be lucky enough to attend.

It started with Mike Good, buying the perfect property, Tim Mielke knowing the right people, and lastly Cody and Morgan Kaliszuk (both with offroad racing backgrounds in the BC series) bringing the dream and reeling in one of the biggest visions of their lives. From there Freeride Rodeo was born, taking place August 6, 2016, at the one and only Hellbilly Ranch.

Dirt bike dreams becoming reality FMX - Alberta Guys
Left to Right: Mike, Tim (son Deagan), Cody (son Cruz) and Morgan

A project that started with a small group of guys putting something together as a place to ride and hone their skills, exploded that day into high energy jumps, some of the gnarliest whips you’ve ever seen and most importantly a place for friends and family to meet up. Unlike the bigger FMX events, these riders were touchable and approachable. They were there simply for the love of the ride and hitting the jumps with some of their best friends.

The event saw packed vehicle after vehicle rolling into the little ranch, bringing a crowd bigger than anticipated. Kicking off the day was the FMX competition, straight to speed and style, then to biggest whip and finally the best trick train to close the show, the riders did not disappoint. The day was topped with live music, free red bull, and a food truck on site. But the real thrill, and what set the event apart from the rest, was the camaraderie. The moments between the tricks and thrills of it all, when the riders got to be “those guys”, the ones who get a smile every time they hear the rev of their bike, the ones who live for the love of dirt biking, not the paycheque – The Flossy lifestyle; they got to remember the reason they started this awesome venture into the world of FMX.

Dirt bike dreams becoming reality FMX - Alberta Event -
Riders from Western Canada enjoyed the days freestyle riding.

Mike, Tim, Cody and Morgan, the founders of the event all have one huge factor in common; family. With that, this event held a special feeling of warmth in a way where no one felt unwelcome. A deep appreciation for each other and the friends beside them – something different, something that truly set it apart from a regular day at the races where everyone goes home disconnected. Everyone involved in this amazing event, right down to the smallest volunteer, was left feeling involved, stoked and smiling about the amazing day that was. The riders were the main event but the whole crew did it together. Gratitude and celebration for everyone was shown afterward at a massive bonfire party held at Tim’s farm. It was a night to remember with chaos, happiness, and friends – both new and old. One of the best days you could spend in the plains of Alberta for sure.

Dirt bike dreams becoming reality FMX - Alberta Brothers -Speed and Style
Brothers Cody and Morgan face off in the Speed and Style contest.

The Freeride Rodeo took a hiatus for the year of 2017 so the families could refocus and build on the heavenly place of Hellbilly Ranch, hoping to return either this year or the next. You’ll easily find places similar to Hellbilly throughout Alberta and BC but the thing that makes this place truly unique is the crew that frequent it and their drive, bringing together their common passion for bikes. So, whether you make it out for the next Freeride Rodeo or are just lucky enough to receive the infamous invite for a night at Hellbilly Ranch, make sure you make the trip – take the adventure. You might be lucky enough to meet Mike, Tim, Cody, Morgan, and the rest of the amazing group that brought the rodeo to life.

flossy bumz fmx freestyle motocross
flossy bumz fmx freestyle motocross

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