Invincible Bib mousse?

SPEEDY MOUSSE - Gibson Tyres - 

SPEEDY MOUSSE – Gibson Tyres –
There is a new kid on the block coming to Western America in the Bib mousse Market, fresh from Italy.

Speed Mousse under Gibson Tyres has a new design that is a mix of a Tube, Tubliss and Bib System called  “ACCT”  (Air Chambers Core Technology)
The Tech is very simple, a dedicated inner hollow core that has 4.5PSI and gives you an initial pressure in your tire while the stiffness (determined by the rings on each tire, more rings, stiffer tire.  no more drilling tires or riding them for them to become the perfect 6-8psi you want.

The Guide is as follows for Stiffness
(16) ring = 7 psi
(8) ring = 13 psi
Super soft mousse = 4 psi

Now to prevent pressure loss during compression stages (imagine letting air out of a balloon, it’s hard to get it back in), is a thin special coating called “Blue Protect”. Also doubling as a UV protector and bonus of adding extra slippage while in the tire itself, with the lube to prevent wearing down to little bib snot balls that will heat your tire up and lose stiffness in the bib itself.

Check out even more photos in their gallery –

Speedy Mousse Factory Floor with Stacks ready to be Blue Protected

Bibs come in different stiffness ranges which are demonstrated by the Ribs on the Tire, sorry these ones are not specifically for your pleasure! They could also hold a bit more lube we assume to slow down tire wear one the Blue Protect is on.


Not your moms Oven! Commercial Ovens and Furnaces cure the Bibs

These molds are industry-specific for Speedy Mousse By Gibson Tire, Not your average cake pan!

The Special Blue skin coating is to assist with keeping the 4.5PSI within the Bib itself as the core is hollow to retain an air pressure and for insane weight savings.
We would only assume it helps with keeping the tyre from wearing down as well from impacts on the tires rubber and creating heat & reducing friction.

Boxes and boxes ready to be packed with orders of Bibs, while these are for offroad use only, MX riders do run bibs on more technical tracks which result in flat tires.

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