Jetwerx Buys CMRC

CMRC to be dissolved

Jetwerx to Buy CMRC and dissolve company, Creating a new one, MRC, Motosport Racing Canada




Press release:

Jetwerx International Inc. is pleased to announce that they have come to an agreement on the purchase of Canadian Motocross Racing Corporation (CMRC). Jetwerx will continue to carry on the history of the sport in Canada, as CMRC has built a solid foundation and following around the World. The commitment of Jetwerx is to not only continue growth at the Pro National level of racing, but to also bring unity and a fresh outlook to the grassroots level of the Canadian Amateur Motocross scene.

“For 25 years, CMRC Nationals has been a staple holding together Canadian Motocross and we are very excited to carry on the heritage of the sport we all love. Since day one, our vision has been to unite Canadian motocross and build it on to the World Stage. I am very pleased to be able to take those steps and make this dream a reality.” Justin Thompson, Jetwerx CEO.

“I’m very proud of CMRC’s accomplishments at the amateur and pro levels over the past 28 years. I have a lot of confidence in Justin and his team at Jetwerx to continue building the sport of Motocross in Canada and taking it to greater heights.” Mark Stallybrass, CMRC CEO.

With Jetwerx taking the reigns of CMRC in 2018, there will be a lot of information being released in the upcoming weeks; The first being the new name of MRC (Motorsport Racing Canada). This will become the benchmark for Canadian motocross into the future and will involve all CMRC regions in every province, including the new regions in Ontario.  The 2018 season is setting up to be the most united since the early 2000’s.  Top this off with a new Amateur National program (Amateur Open), the Rockstar Triple Crown and the return of Canada’s Grand National Championship, the Walton GNC. For more info please visit:

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