Jetwerx to acquire CMRC?


Jjetwerx-logo-dbnewsetwerx. Cmrc. Motocross in BC and Canada. Big changes for 2018 on the Canadian Motocross scene. The triple crown series has a massive $100,000 Canadian up for grabs.


Jetwerx Progress Brigden, On- Jetwerx Inc. has been hard at work fine-tuning the details with Mark Stallybrass at SPI, regarding the sale of CMRC and the National Series. It has been a long process going through the legal side of the acquisition, but it is nearing the final stages. Jetwerx has been in touch with the Motocross Regions in each Province to confirm the change of hands and that a new program will be rolled out soon.

Jetwerx is fully aware of the British Columbia Region having multiple series and is working with the OEM group on a solution, no decision or plan has been made regarding the future of Jetwerx in this region.

Many more details will follow regarding the CMRC buyout, Amateur racing across the country, the Triple Crown Series and all other entities that Jetwerx has been working on.

About Jetwerx: JetWerx is committed to providing outstanding quality creations in a way that is safe, yet progressive to the sports in which they belong and to the visionaries in which dreams they started from. So that we can develop our reputation as one of the premier action sports companies in the world.

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