KTM Motorcycle Electric Starter Maintenance & repair

The electric starter has been around for quite some time now, and many of you cannot ride without it.
Almost every top enduro rider has the “cheater button” on their dirt bike, and even the best motocross racers use them in case of end up stalling or a foul-up while racing. Being able to hit that button gives you vital seconds to get back on track to winning.

Either way the Electric start is a great thing to have on your enduro bike and can get you out of a sticky situation, help you continue on your way after a 3 hour hard enduro race when you are pegged against a tree or pushing your bike up a gnarly hill unable to mount your bike in time to get to the top.

With all this in mind, using the starter can prematurely wear key components inside that will prevent it from working properly, wear and burn out the motor or vital bushings that are inside.

It is very important to follow your Bikes maintenance schedule to ensure your electric start will not fail you in the worst of moments.

Depending on how often you use your electric starter, it is recommended that every 15-20 hours you should inspect, grease and replace if necessary components so your cheater button will work!

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