KTM TPI Now in Canada! But in Limited Quantities…for now.
Can you still haul ass without the mixing of gas?

Dylan Kaelin Gives us a quick low down on the Brand new 2018 KTM TPI 250 XC-W that is making its way into Canada!

Transfer Port Injection (TPI) is most likely the future of 2 stroke technology due to it’s very low emissions, stronger power range throughout every throttle position, increased fuel efficiency, perhaps even elimination of the dreaded “spooge”, or whatever you yahoos call it! The ability for a 2 stroke to work in all altitudes and climates without having to re-jet could possibly make the 2 stroke King once again, (we still think its king though).

Can the new tech convert those who jumped onto thumpers during the Fuel injection phase? Time will tell, the lighter 2 strokes are always favoured in hard enduro and the long races, but traction is king in many types of terrain which 4 strokes are known for but with a weight disadvantage.

TPI has been in Europe for almost a year now and the “youtube” has tonnes of reviews. What is your take on the new kid on the block?

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