Ladies Dirt Bike Groups: Alberta & British Columbia

By Jordana Clark with contribution from each group

Ladies Dirt Bike Groups: Alberta & British Columbia
By Jordana Clark w/ contribution from each group

There are so many ways dirt biking compliments our lives. As a woman rider you have this unique niche when you find other ladies who ride – you’ve basically made friends for life. Alberta and British Columbia are a mecca to some of the coolest riders you’ll get the opportunity to meet (both men and women). A great way to make that happen is to find those groups of like-minded rad ladies to ride and drink beer with after a great adventure. From central Alberta to the coast of BC here are just a few of those groups and the best part is they are free to join and started by women just like you – women looking for other rad ladies to ride with!
Ladies Offroad Dirt BikingLadies Offroad Dirt Biking | Calgary, Alberta
Started by ladies for ladies – this group is primarily a Facebook group in Alberta geared towards creating a safe place for new riders, or old to ask questions about their bike, share triumphs and set up ride times. Created by Kristen Broderick after a preseason party in Calgary this group grew exponentially, even spawning smaller groups like it throughout the province (Northern Alberta Ladies Offroad Dirt Biking, Central Alberta Ladies Offroad Dirt Biking), the group has grown to nearly 510 members and continues to grow as ladies welcome each other into the sport. Kristen has created a place for ladies to be up on all events geared towards them throughout Alberta, buddy systems for new racers, riding tips here and there and the infamous annual pre-season party which is always a good time, there are some small plans in the works for growth on this group so stay tuned! If you’re in Alberta, and a lady, it is highly recommended that you join this group, you are sure to connect with someone in your area and make some new friends!  Kootenay Women on Wheels1800

Kootenay Women on Wheels | Kimberley, British Columbia
This group has been helping women get on two wheels in the Kimberley for nearly 3 years now, started by a small group of women who mainly rode with men (which is never a bad thing, you can learn a lot from male riding buddies – and be forever grateful for those lessons). Started with only 4 ladies, now having grown to nearly 20 of all riding abilities, the founder of this group believes there is “something uniquely special about hitting the trails with your gal pals. You know you’ll be set for snacks and water. Giggles will be plentiful and there is always sure to be many helping hands when you find yourself in a pickle.” Kootenay Woman on Wheels is welcoming to newcomers in the area and to the sport with the goal of having a great time out there, lots of laughs and to learn some new skills while ripping the local trails. Hosting one of the original ladies camp-out weekends, which has grown to be a huge success, held at Ta Ta Creek, this group has managed to start a trend and draw woman from various surrounding areas both near and far.  Aside from the camp out they also partner with Kootenay Dirt Riders group to hold events that help raise money to sanction trails and promote trail advocacy in the area. So, even if you’re just stopping by the Kimberley area, be sure to touch base with this awesome group of ladies and set up a ride! They are easy to find on Facebook and will welcome you with bikes revving!

Girls With No LimitsGirls with No Limits |  Squamish, British Columbia
Girls with No Limits started in 2017 with the same goal of hoping to get more ladies involved in the sport and supporting each other. These ladies believe the men to women ratio at bike events and offroad races is huge, which makes bonding and having each other’s back that much more important. The ladies from Girls with No Limits believe groups like their own are important to help stay connected with everyone you meet at the events and races and open’s the opportunity to ride in other riding areas with other groups of women, unlike contacting the “open” clubs, which can feel intimidating. With bikes and equipment generally geared towards men it can be difficult to find what fits. This group opens many doors for women to exchange info and tips on things that work for one another. These ladies also feel there are a lot of amazing reasons to join any ladies groups but the one that stands out the most is how empowering it feels to be a part of one. Girls with No Limits has created an annual event where women from all over are welcome to attend, they also have a fundraiser, merchandise and fun rides – each bringing energy and a new level of bonding to the group. The ladies of this group have paved the way for so much more and have made a place for themselves in the community while making new friends all at the same time! Check out this awesome group on Facebook and keep an eye out for one of their upcoming events.  


Mudhunniez | Vancouver Island
Beginning as a small group of friends who just liked to ride and race in the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series (VIHSS), eventually growing to host their own ladies night once a month at the local track as a way to get together and invite new women to the sport. Knowing that it can be challenging for females to break into riding for various reasons, they have really focused on showing support to the newer riders coming out, mainly to help their numbers grow and create a bigger community. Over the past couple years, that small group of friends who raced the hare scramble series has been loosely banded together into teams to add a little unofficial rivalry through the season, for a little more fun, and a chance at winning the comically large “5-2 Team Trophy” at the end of the year. In a community mainly dominated by male race teams, three friends (Lindsay, Nicole and Bobbi) decided it was time for the ladies to step up and start a team of their own, again, just for fun, and that’s officially how “the MudHunniez” got their start! Expanding their team throughout the island to include a few more girls who were racing the series, adding social media to the mix to gain some support and attention, they were able to continue their mission, which has always been to get more women out to ride! They have now successfully hosted three different weekend campouts for ladies of all skill levels hosted in an area where bike rentals are available to ensure everyone can share in the awesome opportunity to ride! If you’re ever on Vancouver Island, be sure to message these ladies and meet up for a ride sometime!

Other Facebook Groups
These are only a few! There are so many more, and probably even an organized Facebook page for ladies in your area who are just as dedicated to riding. Search online, ask other riders – sometimes, just sometimes even guys know about these groups. The more effort you make to meet people, ladies who want to ride, the more you will fuel the fire to get out and have an adventure!

All in all – if you are struggling to find the right group to ride with, look around, there a new ones emerging every day and a lot of amazing women out there willing to welcome you onto the trails without judgment. All you need is your bike, gear and a good attitude!


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