Megan Griffiths rides with Graham Jarvis PT1

It is not every day you get to visit Texas, and while there get to partake in a world-class riding school with the Silent Assasin Himself, Graham Jarvis.

The Enduro Champion seems to win at every event he is entered across the world, and has his wheelies down pat. You may have seen his Videos passing the rookies on gnarly hills making it look like nothing. Graham is a World Champion for a reason and keeps dominating the World Hard Enduro Stage year after year.

Megan Griffiths was down at he GrimPossible Challenge in Muenster Texas, while there she was able to check out the Graham Jarvis Riding Clinic and hitch a ride along to see what the Best in the world do for fun riding.

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Megan Griffiths INSTAGRAM @megs_braap

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