More Shakeup in Canadian Motocross

Jetwerx and CMA part ways for 2018

Official release.
January 05, 2018

“Brigden,ON – With the recent purchase of CMRC, Motorsport Racing Canada (MRC) is now in the process of developing an innovative racing format intended to ensure the growth of Arenacross, Supercross, and Motocross in Canada.

Our vision is to strengthen all aspects of the sport, from amateur development to the top pro teams and sponsors. As one can imagine with a venture of this nature comes some uncertainty as to the final structure.

In the past, we have been working with the CMA/FIM as a sanctioning body. This relationship has worked well, however with this developing stage we are now in, the CMA/FIM and Jetwerx have jointly decided to step away from the previous arrangement.

As with any relationship both parties have slightly different visions. In order to simplify this developing stage, it has been decided that both parties will work more effectively in separate environments.

It is expected that as structures mature both parties will again work together to finalize a strong and homogenous motocross environment across Canada. ”

Back to MX racing in Canada.
After the purchase of CMRC racing Jetwerx then formed Motorsport Racing Canada. to carry on the format in Canada.

Early In the year Jetwerx MX racing was to be with CMA (an FIM recognized organization) however just released from Jetwerx is a statement saying they are now parting ways and no longer working together on Canadian MX.

Will This hold the MX racing back? Is it an advantage to be a “free agent” to promote MX their way? Time will tell as more information gets released.

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