No ISDE in 2018 says CMA

Too Pricey for now.

Just released via Facebook! Canadian Motorcycle Association
Jan. 17.2018

After lengthy consideration, it has been decided not to participate in this year’s FIM Enduro World Championship for National Teams, which is scheduled to take place in Chile next November.

Although always a project requiring serious commitments of time from team management and the CMA administration, in recent years it has demanded year round attention. The cost to participate has escalated dramatically as well and large amounts of money are required to be sent overseas months in advance.

Also, the increased necessity for arrangements to be made far in advance with respect to bike shipping, accommodation, paddock equipment and planning, team support personnel etc. does not provide a comfort level for the risk to the association when riders or their support crew drop out between the time they are selected and the event.

Fundraising has become a more difficult challenge as the costs increase and a new approach must be taken to this aspect of participation.

For the reasons mentioned and others, we have decided to devote our energies to a more manageable effort when the ISDE is held in Portugal in 2019.

“We know it is the dream of many Canadian cross country/enduro riders to experience the Six Days”, says Marilynn Bastedo, CEO. “This is just a pause allowing us to build a stronger management structure, which will in turn be more effective in helping the riders achieve their goals”.


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