Off-Road Riding on the Beach in California is Coming to an End

RevZilla has done a great piece about California and riding areas being closed, restricted or banned.
False Data, Facts, and Political pushes are always going to be against OHVS and the Combustion Engine, California is on their way to ban 2 Stroke Motors and even Combustion motors in the Future.

It’s visited by two million people annually and is estimated to generate $243 million of revenue from those crowds.


Catastophic we know it will be (lithium batteries are very dirty and rarley recycled
Amid Heat Wave, California Asks Electric Vehicle Owners to Limit Charging

In the near future, You will not be allowed to charge your vehicles during peak times, and it will most likely have passes when you can use your OHV, parks, recreation areas and more, Like a River Permit to prevent Overcrowding, use, or even simply private areas for the privileged and wealthy.

RevZilla – Most 2 strokes banned in Californa for 2022

New California rules make most 2022 dirt bikes illegal on public land

California is banning off-roading from Oceano Dunes, the last drive-on beach in the entire state. But this isn’t the only off-roading area facing closure, it turns out riding parks in New Jersey, Utah, and other states are all at risk. Is it time to grab the pitchforks, or maybe instead an olive branch? At the very least, more awareness is definitely needed. Watch our video as this controversial ruling unfolds!


Only Off-Road riding area on the Beach in California is Banning Vehicles READ NOW on Revzilla


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