PODCAST | Bent Methods EP1 –


“This is ugh the pilot episode for our like makeshift podcast, Bent Methods. It’s going to be really crappy for a bit, so like ugh suck it up and watch so we can get like real rich and famous, and factory rides and buy Lamborghini’s and stuff.

We cover primarily the objective of the show, giving some insight for people in similar situations as us. Efforts to strengthen our own personal careers. We plan to dive deeper into different topics that an athlete may deal with from mental health, identity challenges, relationships, financial challenges, structuring your career, etc. We aren’t experts, we are just trying to navigate through it all just like you.

– think of your name and sporting career as a “brand”, no different than a company you see in an Ad or on a billboard, you’re trying to sell your service as an athlete no different than how a company is trying to sell a product or a service. Figure out your brand, what makes you unique, what will draw people to you?

– how can you align yourself with the people or company you are trying to get support from? What do they stand for and how can you help elevate that?

– think outside the box! How can you make your “brand” stand out? Blogs? Vlogs? Contests?Documentary? PODCASTS!?

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Sub Notes:
– Keylan needs to work on talking like not like Paris Hilton

– Jared needs to keep doing what he’s doing but do more of it




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