PODCAST – Bent Methods Episode 1 – Learning To Suffer

PODCAST – Bent Methods Episode 1 – Learning To Suffer

Suffer, struggle, grind….. whatever you want to call it. Everyone is gritting their teeth in some way, shape or form. We all have lots on our plate! You’re going to have to suffer and struggle in some way to get what you want. But does the idea of suffering have to be thought of in a negative sense? It’s a matter of perspective and is your “plate” the one you truly want to eat from? Is your life or career the one that has you #bent to wake up the next day and check off the boxes?

Thanks for tuning in! Podcasting is fun, you should try it sometime!

Episode 1 of the pod is now live. 2 dudes giving our perspective on the daily struggle. How do you suffer? And does it necessarily have to be thought of negatively? Click the link in our bio to give it a listen and as always, thanks for your support.⁣@jaredpetruska @keylanmeston #bent #podcast #ouryyc #yyc

Posted by Bent Methods on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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