Podcast – Best of the Hard Enduro Hosers 2021

A couple of Canadian hard enduro aficionados discussing a sport they have no authority in.
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Check out their Spotify Podcast at  dbnews.ca/hard-enduro-hosers-podcast

Average enduro canadians talking trends, products, and people in the hard enduro world.
Rated top 10 enduro podcast you must follow in 2021!

On Episode 27 They down right ROAST “tryhard enduro” races and some upcoming events in Canada who have yet to prove themselves such as the Up and Coming MAZE RUNNER HARD ENDURO
Listen to it now.  


EP10- Kyle runs us through a list of nearly free mods he has done to his bike to see if they’ll make it past an automotive engineer. Turns out he’s onto something and these really are mods you actually should do!

EP20 – Bike Shopping – Kyle tries to help Alex through shopping for a new 2022 bike. 

EP09 – Kyle and Alex discussion suspension terms and how they actually relate to the trail; high speed vs low speed settings, valving, and clickers. What’s really going on it there. Tune in and find out!

EP016 Kyle and Alex discuss gear from the shoulders down. What has worked for them, what has not, where the value is and how to shop deals! Listen in

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