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CHECK IT OUT – Stephen Foord Podcast with Barrymore.


Very humbling to hear Foordy talk about his journey and our community coming together to show our support for such an awesome guy and the positively he always pushes towards our love of sport and race family with stone cold no bullshit talk and just do it attitude.

Episode Description

Stephen Foord is a local legend, and one of the humblest guys around. He has faced a number of challenges in his career, facing off with Graham Jarvis in Trials, as well as racing in 3 classes in one event in the 2013 Enduro cross for the chance at the big show. He has a never quit attitude and is so easy going. Well respected as a coach he is truly one of the good guys. We talk about his accident, and I hope you have some Kleenex on hand because it is quite a talk.

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