Snowbike Saga-Yeti Snowmx Shocks World – Ceases any new Production

yeti to stop production of snowbikes 2023

On Febuary 8th, 2023, Yeti Shocks the World with the annoucement they will be stopping production and sale of their Snowbike Product.
Seemingly weird their entire Social Media presenceas of March.27.2023 Has been Wiped from the interwebs.

Via –
Press Release

We’re thankful for the passion that our teams, ambassadors, community, and dealers have been putting, but we made the hard decision to discontinue YETI SnowMX product line effective now.  It wasn’t an easy decision, however with the current market needs, our focus will be on recreational off-the-road product. Please note that YETI SnowMX replacement parts and support will remain available.

Q & A on the Decicion.

An ongoing support will remain available for the replacement for years to come. For questions contact us at [email protected]

How long YETI SnowMX will provide support for the replacement parts?

YETI SnowMX will continue to support the Carbon Exchange Program until further notice.

Will YETI SnowMX continue to offer and support Carbon Exchange Program? 

The process will remain the same as it is today, contact your YETI SnowMX dealer for service parts and support.

Will YETI SnowMX replacement parts continue to be available and how can I order parts?

All colours such as red, blue, orange, green and silver will be available until stock lasts. Afterwards, the only colour available for the replacement parts will be black.

Which colors or options remain available for replacements? 

We have limited stock available. You can order promotional items until stock lasts to our support team by email: [email protected]

Can I purchase YETI SnowMX promotional items, and will they remain available? 

All claims will be honored if it respects YETI SnowMX product warranty already in place.

Will YETI SnowMX honor its warranty on snowbike systems? 

The Cargo Rack, Bogie Wheel and Freewheel Kit will be available until stock lasts and won’t be available afterwards. Only the Elka Stage Shock 3 & 5 will remain available when ordering service parts to your dealer.

Do the accessories remain available? 

The YETIVERTER tool and service parts will remain available on the website as it’s part of our ongoing support. However, no fitment snowbike kits will be made for future bike models.

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