Quebec Motocross Controversy – Highlights & Guarenteed MX Take on event

DBN - MRC Triple Crown Quebec Race under Review

Canadian Motocross Controversy – Guaranteed MX’s take on 2018 Quebec Citys Takeout


Committee Will Meet Regarding Thompson/ Faccotti Incident
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 5, 2018 Quebec Supercross
Brigden, Ontario

As stated on Saturday night after the Quebec Supercross by the MRC the 450 Main event is under review by the MRC Rules committee.

The board will have a conference call mid week to discuss the the final corner incident between : Honda GDR rider Colton Facciotti and Red Bull KTM rider Cole Thompson.
A decision and press release is set for Friday, November 9th,2018.

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Let’s slow it down. Let the comments fly …….

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Perception – the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.

That word was sued more than the technique “seat bounce” this weekend in Quebec city. I woke up this AM ready to attack this FLOOD with the same honesty I always have even though via some txt’s or the amazing social media sometimes think I kiss ass a little too much. Might I share I have been fired from CMRC twice, MXoN once and nearly had to shut down my website because of my openness within my words. So it’s safe to say sometimes my caring get’s put aside for my sharing. Here we go again……

Read the Guaranteed MX take on Quebec City’s Motocross Event that saw 1st and 2nd take each other out over the finish line jump on the final lap. 

At some point, lawsuit talk was brought up as well but this got “5-phone-called-later” and was blown out badly in the wrong way. There is a lawsuit right now towards Jetwerx concerning the LIVE stream feed supplier from the start of the year. Nothing to do with racers or anything else which some social media stated.

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