RECAP – 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs FULL VIDEO

RECAP – 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs FULL VIDEO Hard Enduro.
“The worlds best riders race in the gruelling terrain of the incredible Carpathia Mountains in Sibiu, Romania. Winning this race, often referred to as Vertical Madness. ”


Relive the Toughest hard enduro on the planet! 2020  was full of surprises and new rules around the world, for the hard enduro Romaniacs, it was that of ZERO outside help allowed from spectators due to to much controversy on the 2019 Season. Riders were give the task of Vertical Madness with only help from fellow competitors and Romaniacs Staff, which was far and few between what many competitors were used to. Follow the 2020 coverage of the epic event!



Rewatch 2019 FULL Red Bull Romanaics

In 2019 Controversial Help such as this with 50+ foot ropes were “slingshotting” racers past each other on technical Sections. With all the talk, organizers in 2020 decided, No help throughout the ENTIRE event was allowed with strict guidelines on what was considered helping a rider.


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