Ronnie Mac presents Terrafirma 69

Ronnie Mac just released his take on the Epic Terrafirma series with his classy touch of his TerraF*ckYou 69 tagline.

Riding the classic 1998 Honda CR250R 2 Stroke Ronnies adventures show what true “goon” riding is all about at the Castillo ranch in California.

With his unique style, “image” and riding ability Ronnie 69 is sure to put a grin on your face and bring back the 2 stroke nostalgia that we all love from the 90s motocross Scene, Everyone remembers the More Human than Human Soundtrack from Crusty Demons of Dirt when Seth dropped down in the dunes and shattered his body now don’t we?

Ronnie has two sponsors, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and V Force Reeds as he seems to always needs to pin his 2-stroke to the rev limiter at any chance he can get while gooning to the max.

We hope the man never seeks professional help, as his entertainment always brings a smile to our face.


Ronnie Mac is a sort of man, not so much a myth and more of a legend in his own mind. His peculiar style of riding endears him to many fans and makes others question his sobriety and even his actual ability riding dirt bikes.

Despite his failure to qualify or at least his unwillingness to compete in Motocross, Mac garners a popular following and ranks up along with Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Trey Canard, and Ken Roczen as one of the most popular riders in Motocross today – or at least that’s what he thinks.

Mac has no regional or even local MX wins anywhere and a records search indicates he’s never actually competed in any sanctioned dirt bike race. Even his #69 is not AMA-approved. The only available records are for his most recent arrest which coincidentally was captured live on camera during a video shoot.

Mac somehow manages to maintain a friendship with Jimmy Albertson and Brett Cue plus an interesting if not unconventional relationship with Albertson’s wife, Georgia. All of this support keeps him riding from dawn till dusk and nearly 365 days a year.

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