Side Car Cross Des Nations Schwedt 2019

Sidecarcross Des Nations Schwedt 2019

Northeastern Brandenburg, Germany Is home to some pretty awesome motocross fanatics who decide to strap two guys onto a dirtbike with a platform (sidecar) with a massive Motor (well over 500CC 2 strokes) and rip around a track you would not even think of hitting solo. Watch this amazing footage of what it truly takes to handle a sidecar!


The World Sidecar Motocross Championship is over, the Champions are crowned, and all eyes are now turned to the final big International of the season. Just as in the solo Motocross world, the traditional inter-team event signals the formal end to the year, and is just as fiercely fought over as the individual awards competition. Schwedt in Germany is the scene of this fascinating event over the weekend of 5/6th October.


sidecarcross WSC PHOTO dsc-6198__w1280h800-scc-ctl_3bd6a3
sidecarcross WSC PHOTO dsc-6198__w1280h800-scc-ctl_3bd6a3

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