Supercross Available in Canada

A long time coming...

Just in time for the new year!

Watch Supercross IN CANADA in 2018, Legally.
FELD Entertainment Announces Monster Energy Supercross Video Passes for 2018 will be available for Online streaming in CANADA & WORLD WIDE, with a fee of course.

It will run you about $160 Canadian for the entire Race Season. Or $10 Per Race, per email address.
**NOTE** some users are reporting a 20% or $40 EXTRA CHARGE from CLEENG

How to watch supercross in Canada:

During the broadcast you will get to see the races at HD – 720p resolution on supported devices (Phone, Tablet, Computer) and you will be able to stream it to supported TV Set top boxes such as Rokus, Chromecasts, & Android Boxes.

We imagine there will not be any account sharing allowed and the service may be overloaded for the first few rounds (as it always is). But, this is the step in the right direction to get FS1, FS2 supercross back into Canada!

The Video Service and Live broadcast will be hosted by Who are Known for Many Live event broadcasts across the world.

2018 Supercross ScheduleWe are just as excited as you for Supercross, The constant pressure to get it in Canada has been worth its time. ????

Sometimes those “illegal” sharing links just happen to work in our favour and force the big companies to make a change and provide a service we can all enjoy. Which is why Most of your Cable providers now have Apps on your phones & tablets!

What are your thoughts on the new pay to watch the stream? How much was your old Sports package per month to watch supercross a few years ago on cable?

Now you can watch supercross wherever you are with your friends and family!

In just under 6 days time ROUND 1 Anaheim will be here. And for the first time in many years, no Returning Champion will be lining up to keep their title as Supercross Champion.

“For the second consecutive season (first in Canada), we are offering live and on-demand access to all 17 rounds of the 3-hour Monster Energy Supercross television broadcast, plus an additional archived library of past racing seasons and original content (240 hours). The Supercross Video Pass is exclusive to subscribers that live outside of the United States.

All 17 rounds of the 2018 season live & on demand
Complete 2015, 2016 and 2017 Seasons (archived)
2015, 2016 and 2017 Monster Energy Cup events (archived)
Three seasons of “Chasing the Dream”
Two “Legends of Racing” documentaries

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