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LED Wheels are cooler than you think

The Stunt Freaks Team in Finland host an amazing show filled with fire, ice & mayhem. Their Freestyle show goes across Finland and features some of the most amazing stunts around on dirt bikes, sleds, side…

Serbia Looking for Women Racers

XCross Challenge in Serbia is looking for Women Racers to travel across the world and fill their classes on the Hard Enduro Races they Hold. Currently, there are only two racers at the XROSS Challenge and they want to fill the line…

schools teach motorcycle safety to kids

How bout' that, a school that is using motorcycle classes to teach students safety, skill and discipline, sure beats dodgeball doesn't it?

Brands new Cr500 For Sale

Brand new, still in the crate 2000 CR500 for sale in Australia! How much do you ask? About $16,500 Canadian, but you gotta pay for the boat to bring it back to Canada!…