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Yamaha Releases 2018 YZ 65

All-New 65cc Motocrosser Built from the ground up for 2018, the all-new YZ65 is ready to tackle the track with winning performance right out of the gate. And, of course, the all-new YZ65 features Yamaha's renowned competition off-road…

This kid can jump 100 footers!

Dexter Seitz of Cycle Works Foothills gives us the low down on his racing and what its like to race at the Supercross in Junior Minis! This kid will most likely kick all our butts on the mx track.

Kids training schools with Honda

Alberta Honda Junior Red Riders Program - Taught by Pro Racer Jason Schrage! We caught up with Jason to give us some quick info on this great program offered by Honda Canada. It's not every day your child will get the chance to be…

schools teach motorcycle safety to kids

How bout' that, a school that is using motorcycle classes to teach students safety, skill and discipline, sure beats dodgeball doesn't it?

Beta 50cc Spy Photos

Photos have surfaced of the EU style Beta 50CC bike that will be in the same market as at the yamah pw50s. Damn  these look so sweet!