Team SRT 2017 Challenge Day

Credit: SRT

The SRT team is Together and to start some fun training sessions and measuring contests.

With Canadians Trystan Hart & Cory Graffunder aboard, SRT has an immense talent pool together that is sure to put their names on many championships and podiums across the globe.







  • Austin Wells (PRO/AA) – OMA, D17, WFO
  • Cory Buttrick (PRO/XC1) – GNCC, NEPG,FGSE
  • Cory Graffunder (PRO) – AMA Snow Bike , EX
  • Craig Thompson – Team manager/owner
  • Jacob “JT” Baker (PRO250/AA) – WHS,D36
  • Jeff Evans (ASEN) – D36 Enduro
  • Joseph Bartziokas (PRO) – CMA (Canada)
  • Kevin “Murph” Murphy (AVET) – NHHA, SCORE
  • Kyle Redmond (PRO) – EX
  • Mark Heresco Jr. (PRO2/XC2) – GNCC, OMA, AWRCS
  • Matt Mills (ASEN) – WHS, D36
  • Mike McGinnis (PRO/AA) – NEPG, AWRCS
  • Morgan Crawford (AVET) – NHHA, SCORE
  • Ron Commo III (PRO/AA) – NEPG, EX, FTR
  • Ryan Smith (PRO) – NHHA, D37
  • Ryann Bradley (AWOM) – EX, Arenacross
  • Steven Godman (PRO/AA) – WHS, D36
  • Steward Baylor Jr. (PRO/XC1) – GNCC, NEPG, OMA
  • Trystan Hart (PRO) – EX, CXCC (Canada),
  • Wild Wally Palmer (PRO) – EX, EHS or J-Day

Team SRT welcomes Ryan Smith, Kyle Redmond, Trystan Hart (who are new to Team SRT) and Ron Commo III (returning after a year off) to Team SRT 2017. They bring strong talent and proven Top 10 results to our already strong 2016 returning roster. Team SRT returns most of its riders from last year who will be led by Steward Baylor Jr. and Cory Buttrick in the East and Cory Graffunder in the West. The Goal of Team SRT is to have 2 top contenders in the main National off-road Series (GNCC, NEPG, HHHA, EX) as well as win regional and district championships. Team SRT has riders from 8 states and Canadian provinces to help give the team and its sponsoring partners maximum exposure. Team SRT would like to thank the 2017 riders who have signed on as well as the past Team SRT riders who have paved the way to our quick success.


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