The Suffering Hard Enduro Vancouver Island 2022 Helmet Cam

Vancouver Islands Last Round of the Hard Enduro Series, The Suffering (formerly The Kirk)
Check out commentary from Trials Rider as they Navigate the Cold, Wet and Challenging Course in Canadas Amazing British Columbian Island.


HE GOLD: 1. Jonathan Seabrook (HUS); 2. Quinn Mccullough (GG); 3. Stephen Osborne (GG); 4. Everett Proctor (YAM); 5. Glenn Stevenson (HUS);

HE SILVER: 1. Tyler Pighin (KTM); 2. Anthony Wilson (KTM); 3. Josh Marsden (SCO); 4. James Carew (SCO); 5. David Craig (SCO);

HE BRONZE: 1. Jesse Benson (HUS); 2. Jason Stein (HUS); 3. Kingsley Jones (HUS); 4. Jayden Gisborne (KTM); 5. Andrew Graham (HUS);

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