VIDEO | 2020 Sea to Sky BEACH RACE

VIDEO | 2020 Sea to Sky BEACH RACE

Jamie Williams | Sea to Sky 2020 | Beach Race Onboard Performance!

British Hard Enduro rider Jamie Williams good performance at Day 1 Beach Race of Sea to Sky 2020. He tackles the heavy traffic at the logs and the rest was just easy to him. He kept his momentum from start and performed well.

Sea to Sky 2020 | Hard Enduro | Beach Race | Will Hoare

Sea to Sky 2020 started with an epic Beach Race where the finest hard enduro athletes put a great show. Among them was the Eurotek KTM rider and 2019 Juniour Super Enduro champion William Hoare. At his debut Sea to Sky race William had an excellent start and finished the Beach race with P6 after Graham Jarvis. Here this promising British youngster’s POV footage of the day, enjoy.

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