VIDEO | 2020 Tennessee Knockout Video Highlights

10th Annual TKO Tennessee Knock out Hard Enduro – Trystan Hart dominates event.


The tenth annual Kenda Tennessee Knockout took place at the Trials Training Center, in Sequatchie, Tennessee, on the weekend of August 14-16, 2020. The video highlights all four grueling rounds of Sunday pro-competition where Canada’s Trystan Hart took his first TKO win over six-time winner Cody Webb. Chile’s Benjamin Herrera finished third ahead of Noah Kepple and Keith Curtis, who rounded out the top five.

Thank you to Blake Terry from American Hard Enduro for creating the video. Nearly 300 amateur riders competed on Friday and Saturday gunning for the AMA Amateur Extreme Enduro Grand National Championship. Danny Lewis took the win in the championship-deciding second round on Saturday with a time of 1:12:31. Will Riordan finished second with a time of 1:15:45 and Tyler Kincaid rounded out the podium with a time of 1:17:31. Those three along with the other top 30 finishers got the opportunity to compete in the Sunday competition against the twenty-six pre-qualified pro riders.

Hart dominated that Sunday competition, winning all four rounds of racing, including the main event, which included just the top fifteen riders. The Sunday course included some brutal new sections including the Four Logs, Walk in the Park and a new hill climb that Hart was the first to ever climb in TKO competition.

2020 Kenda Tennessee, Knockout Main Event Results – VIEW ALL

1. Trystan Hart, KTM
2. Cody Webb, Sherco
3. Benjamin Herrera Ried, Beta
4. Noah Kepple, Husqvarna
5. Keith Curtis, Husqvarna
6. Max Gerston, Beta
7. Ryder LeBlond, KTM
8. Will Riordan, KTM
9. Cory Graffunder, Husqvarna
10. Nick Fahringer, Sherco
11. Jordan Ashburn, Kawasaki
12. Quinn Wentzel, Sherco
13. Ronnie Commo, Beta
14. Cooper Abbott, KTM
15. Danny Lewis, Husqvarna


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