VIDEO | Ultimate 2021 Getzen Coverage from Every Angle

VIDEO | Ultimate Getzen Coverage from Every Angle
Helmet Cam, In your Face Hard Enduro

2021 GETZEN RESULT – via Enduro21

The Red Bull Live coverage at the 2021 Getzen was very lack Luster, Showing the Exact same thing, every single lap of only 2-3 Riders. Extremely Boring and not really showing what hard enduro is like.
Check out the On the Ground Coverage from Specialists who kick ass at showing you exactly what riders were facing at the very wet 2021 Getzen Rodeo Hard Enduro.

Enduro Life Media, DKA, Jaume Soler, Zly Los, Nemes21, Had great views and angles from the Day!


BOLT ends up winning the entire series Tying for 1st Place, FIM/Euro Rules go off, Performance Placements, So If you tie, whoever has the most 1sts places, wins, IF that is a tie, Then whoever has the most 2nd Places.
There is no Winning last moto/Race in a tie wins the series, that is an North America thing away from FIM Events.

2021 getzen results
2021 getzen results

Sorry about the Chainsaw, its a European Thing….

Jaume Soler

Enduro DKA


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