2018 CMA MRSI Harescramble Photo Gallery

The Ghost Riders Club in Alberta Canada Held their 1st of 3 offroad events for the year. This was Round 3 of the CMA offroad series in Fallen Timber Alberta. Set in the rocky mountains with amazing singletrack and virgin terrain it was made even more challenging after it rained for 5 hours straight the Friday prior to the race.

However, the rain was needed as the trails were drying up with dust building.

Over 170 Racers attended the event with GRC is known for having their amazing singletrack trails from historical Trail systems reclaimed from the forests and wind-blown Areas.
GRC, or Ghost Riders has a neat acronym which is, Ghost Historical Offroad Single Track, trails from the 70s, 80s, and 90s are refound following old lines and long-lost pink ribbons which are not quite and barely there.

Check out some of the pit pix and phots from the trail from submitted photos to us!
Next race for GRC is the MRSI Challenge July. 28/29 which a 50KM cross Country in Fallen Timber for the AMSA offroad Series.

The last Offroad race in the Mountains in AMSA is the GRCS infamous MAZE RUNNER XC (formerly YaHa Tinda XC), which new this year has a HARD ENDURO Section for the A class riders, and an AA Platinum Section for top tier riders, PRO, EXPERT, VET MASTER, wanting to show whos the best offroad rider in Western Canada.

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