2018 VEGA Harescramble Results – NASTE Event

2018 VEGA Harescramble Results – NASTE Event

VEGA Harescramble part of the AMSA Offroad Series is always an awesome weekend, with wicked singletrack in sandy whoops and challenging terrain, the rains that fell Friday certain that all racers were the be on an even field.

The first lap saw Trystan Hart in 2nd place with Luke Sydor at his home track coming in with a 36 second Lead. Which kept Sydor charging hard, but as Hart mentioned in the awards he could see Sydor was being challenged and pushed as Trystan could see Luke missing quick lines that had developed over the course of the 5 laps the Top Pros ended up doing.

No stranger to riding fast Shane Cuthbertson had an exact same situation of a close race in the Vet Master class with Aj Prockiw JUST missing cutoff by under 2 seconds. with Shane taking the win.

Cuthbertson came into the check, knowing he had 30 seconds left on the clock and not really wanting to do a 5th lap he opted to wait it out yelling at check to see how much time he had left and seeing where AJ was.\

Shane JUST managed to luck out as Prockiw entered the last section before check, FML (for more learning) endurocross at the 15 second mark. As he hit the timing gate field he was BARLEY over 2 seconds of the 2 HR 30min Cutoff Time.

Now if you look at the times you will see the Cumulative Elapsed for Shane in Vet Master was only 2:29:11 , this is because Cutoff is based on 1st row only which was PRO. Each row has a staggerd start of 1min which gives less racing for each row. ie row 12 has 12 less min of racing.

Photo gallery to come as Saturday night had 2 hours of barrel racing and loads of fun in the sand pit


PRO: 1. Trystan Hart (HSQ); 2. Luke Sydor (YAM); 3. Kevin Dupuis (HSQ); 4. Jason Schrage (HON); 5. Jack Sawatzky (HSQ);

VET MASTER: 1. Shane Cuthbertson (HSQ); 2. Aj Prockiw (YAM); 3. Micheal Dobovich (KTM); 4. Bj Lawson (KTM); 5. Stephen Foord (BTA);

EXPERT: 1. Bruder Whyat (KTM); 2. Pete Keeping (KTM); 3. Owen Mckill (HSQ); 4. Shane Eyre (HON); 5. Branden Petrie (KTM);

30+ A: 1. Doug Saganiuk (KTM); 2. Tom Bodrovics (HSQ); 3. Josh Campbell (HSQ); 4. Darian Armstrong (HON); 5. Marco Cussigh (KTM);

40+ A: 1. Brad Elder (KTM); 2. Shane Lowry (KTM); 3. Geoff Jilg (KTM); 4. Josh Mikkelsen (KTM); 5. Darren Davies (YAM);

INTERMEDIATE: 1. Travis Sydor (YAM); 2. Carter Lowry (KTM); 3. Kirk Sydor (HON); 4. Levon Helmer (KTM); 5. Grady Dyck (KTM);

LADIES EXP: 1. Melissa Harten (BTA); 2. Suzanne Pelletier (KTM); 3. Kristen Broderick (KTM); 4. Jannie Devin-Lamontagne (HSQ); 5. Monique Johnson (KTM);

50+: 1. David Sheridan (KTM); 2. Howard Lawrence (KTM); 3. Lee Ready (KTM); 4. Monty Brown (KTM); 5. Lyndon Miller (KTM);

40+ B: 1. Mike Tracy (KTM); 2. Neil Jesse (SUZ); 3. Dion Wakefield (KTM); 4. David Corliss (KTM); 5. Todd Partington (HSQ);

30+ B: 1. Arjan Spelt (KTM); 2. Jared Buettner (YAM); 3. Nick Banack (HSQ); 4. Steven Sanders (KTM); 5. Matt Melin (BTA);

LADIES INT: 1. Erin Prockiw (BTA); 2. Lisa Belanger (BTA); 3. Jan Campbell (KTM); 4. Trudy Elder (KTM); 5. Margot Kirkwold (HSQ);

JUNIOR: 1. Reed Tensen (KTM); 2. Chase Cuthbertson (HSQ); 3. Doug Phillips (YAM); 4. Riley Larson (KTM); 5. Rene Belanger (KTM);

BEGINNER: 1. Will Burkholder (YAM); 2. Jason Cowan (KTM); 3. Bryce Zabrick (YAM); 4. Kieran Boyle (KTM); 5. Mark Johnson (YAM);

KIDS EXP: 1. Riley Larson (KTM); 2. Carsen Poland (KTM); 3. Jake Mikkelsen (KTM); 4. Scott Donovan (HON);

SPORTSMAN: 1. Travis Woodcock (HON); 2. Jeff Martel (KTM);

KIDS INT: 1. Alex Fehr (KTM); 2. Erza Careless (KTM); 3. Kale Cuthbertson (HSQ); 4. Hudson Davies (KTM); 5. Nick Vaudry (YAM);

LADIES JR.: 1. Ericka Campbell (HSQ); 2. Margot Kirkwold (HSQ); 3. Marilyn Mcclelland (HON); 4. Christina Draper (BTA); 5. Jessican Sapinski (YAM);

LADIES BEG: 1. Blythe Kirchner (KTM); 2. Angie Onisimchuk (KTM); 3. Leanne Schnell (KTM); 4. Heather Crisler (KTM); 5. Annika Olson (HON);

KIDS JR: 1. Bryer Mcree (KTM); 2. Cory Spelt (KTM); 3. Alex Careless (KTM); 4. Allan Lindberg (KTM); 5. Jace Larson ();

KIDS BEG: 1. Aiden Spelt (KTM); 2. Hailey Dubinsky (YAM); 3. Liam Elder (HSQ); 4. Ward Davies (KTM); 5. Zavier Crisler (KTM);

PEEWEE EXP: 1. Matthew Mcclelland (KTM); 2. Hayden Dupuis (HSQ); 3. Evan Sydor (KTM); 4. Reese Mcree (HON); 5. Hailey Spelt (KTM);

PEEWEE BEG: 1. Gavin Bryne (KTM); 2. Jacob Byrne (KTM); 3. Daelyn Mcree (HON); 4. Gavin Fehr (HON); 5. Trinity Draper (YAM);

OVERALL A/B: 1. Trystan Hart (HSQ); 2. Luke Sydor (YAM); 3. Kevin Dupuis (HSQ); 4. Jason Schrage (HON); 5. Shane Cuthbertson (HSQ); 6. Aj Prockiw (YAM); 7. Jack Sawatzky (HSQ); 8. Doug Saganiuk (KTM); 9. Bruder Whyat (KTM); 10. Pete Keeping (KTM); 11. Kevin Pelletier (YAM); 12. Owen Mckill (HSQ); 13. Travis Sydor (YAM); 14. Tom Bodrovics (HSQ); 15. Micheal Dobovich (KTM); 16. Shane Eyre (HON); 17. Carter Lowry (KTM); 18. Josh Campbell (HSQ); 19. Bj Lawson (KTM); 20. Kirk Sydor (HON);

OVERALL PEEWEE: 1. Matthew Mcclelland (KTM); 2. Hayden Dupuis (HSQ); 3. Evan Sydor (KTM); 4. Reese Mcree (HON); 5. Hailey Spelt (KTM); 6. Daxtyn Ksenych (HON); 7. Connor Griffiths (HSQ); 8. Reese Lawson (KTM); 9. Gavin Bryne (KTM); 10. Jacob Byrne (KTM); 11. Daelyn Mcree (HON); 12. Julie Griffiths (HON); 13. Gavin Fehr (HON); 14. Trinity Draper (YAM); 15. Isabella Bley (KTM); 16. Korbin Buettner (HSQ); 17. Graye Dobovich (KTM); 18. Kohen Buettner (HSQ); 19. Ty Jesse (HSQ); 20. Reeve Dobovich (KTM);

OVERALL KIDS/SPORTSMAN/LADIES: 1. Bryer Mcree (KTM); 2. Cory Spelt (KTM); 3. Alex Careless (KTM); 4. Allan Lindberg (KTM); 5. Jace Larson (); 6. Wyatt Genert (KAW); 7. Anden Jilg (KTM); 8. Riley Larson (KTM); 8. Riley Larson (KTM); 9. Carsen Poland (KTM); 10. Jake Mikkelsen (KTM); 11. Aiden Spelt (KTM); 12. Mick Davies (KAW); 13. Blythe Kirchner (KTM); 14. Angie Onisimchuk (KTM); 15. Leanne Schnell (KTM); 16. Hailey Dubinsky (YAM); 17. Liam Elder (HSQ); 18. Heather Crisler (KTM); 19. Annika Olson (HON); 20. Woulien Spelt (HON);


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