2019 Promation Corduroy Enduro Dates Released – Eastern Canada Enduro

The 2019 Promation Corduroy Enduro presented by GP Bikes

The 3 Day Enduro and self-proclaimed “Canada’s Toughest Race” in Ontario Canada is set for

Friday September 20th, 2019
Saturday September 21st, 2019
Sunday September 22nd. 2019

See www.corduroyenduro.ca for details.

Pro, Expert and Sportsman classes on Friday. Sportsman class is open to any non-Pro wishing to ride Friday.

2018 Promation Corduroy Enduro top 10 overall Finishers

  1. Philippe Chaine         4A       Pro      KTM
  2. Connor Brogan          3B       Pro      Yamaha
  3. Aaron Wilkins            1B       Pro      KTM
  4. Jarred Jonker             3C       Pro      Beta
  5. Luke Sydor                 3A       Pro      Yamaha
  6. Zachary Lewis            4B       Pro      Beta
  7. Jean-Derek Cote        6C       Pro      KTM
  8. Drew Roberts             1D       Pro      KTM
  9. Ryder Heacock           7D       Pro      Yamaha
  10. Scott Bowes                1C       Pro      KTM


” The Corduroy was a hard endure long before “Hard Enduro” was coined as a phrase and next year will be our 65th running of the event.  Come on up to Gooderham, Ontario, to test your riding skills through the historic hinterlands of Upper Canada (dates to be announced shortly)!”

2017 Corduroy Enduro Race Recap.

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