Alberta Bighorn Park is this what we want?

BIGHORN BACKCOUNTRY – Misspeaking or Missinformation?

BIGHORN BACKCOUNTRY – Misspeaking or Misinformation?What is being said conflicts with current regulations, and how many trails have been designated before? Watch the video to find out more.

Posted by Alberta Off Highway Vehicle Association on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Alberta Bighorn Park is this what we want?
Did Alberta Environment Minister Shannon Phillips knowingly “misspeak” again?

A question in the recent Big Horn Park Town Hall Call in Only sessions was brought up – The current Areas do not have any designated trail systems in place, what will happen when they are turned into PLUZ Areas?

The similar question was asked during Alberta’s CASTLE “consultations” a new Park that was being developed would essentially lock out any and all OHV users, recreation users and random camping in the area.

To this date, no OHV’s are allowed in Castle Park even after written letters from Shannon Phillips Stated current trails would stay open in years prior for users prior to the park being mandated and put in place.
She flat out lied to Stakeholders, users and Albertans time after time again in meetings.

Is Shannon Phillips knowingly lying to the public, breaking the law and sidestepping processes? 

Check out the Town Hall #3 Jan.16.2019 that just took place. the under 50 min session (scheduled for 1hr) started with a long-winded speech on Shannon’s view on the situation, not actually answering or listening to callers about the areas. Note the government does not actually have the town halls public and easy for everyone to tune in, But Our Technicians recorded and made it easy for you to listen in.

What is not talked about or put into the new area is the complete BAN of surface mineral or commercial activity, it essentially is banned, forever. Or that majority of counties/towns are AGAINST the Bighorn plan as no infrastructure or investment will actually go towards their towns, but 21st-century camping is planned with a mandatory permit system where you could formerly camp randomly (now renamed Rustic by the NDP)

Albertans are asking, begging, demanding for Public open town halls and consultations for the Big Horn. It is a democratic country and province after all. So why are public town halls being canceled and not held by Shannon Phillips? She does have to campaign for her position across Alberta after all, so she may need the practice.


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